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Is this site FREE?

Yes and yes, this site is eternally free of charge.

Since this service is maintained for academic purposes, there is no systems to receive charges from you.
We are keeping this site available only by advertising income and all advertising revenue will be used for adding new phone numbers.

How to use

Please refer to this page.

Do you filter text messages?

Yes, we are filtering messages that we receive to get rid of any harmful information like unlawful,harmful,treating,abusive,excessively violent,hateful.We also filter messages from unverified phone numbers to prevent privacy exposure.Because if SMSOnline displays all the messages it receives, a malicious person may attempt to expose the privacy of a third party to the site.

Are there any prohibited actions?

Yes. To ensure equal opportunities for all users to use disposable phone numbers, scraping of the website, and the use of bots or crawlers to monopolize our service are prohibited.

I have waited for a while but no messages arrived.

We are working to able to see the messages we receive on our website as quickly as possible, but there are some technical issues, so please wait up to 5 ~ 15 minutes.

If you don't get any messages you awaits, there are some reasons like:

  • The service banned the phone number.
  • There are some issues on our telephones such as off-line.

Please resend short-mail or use other phone numbers available on our website.

Are there paid/private temporary phone number?

We are sorry to say that we are not serving private phone number.

Our goal is to realize the fair connectivity to the internet for everyone, so offering private numbers is against our belief.
We understand that there are many requests for paid phone numbers, but we would appreciate if you understand our mission.
Instead,we are working hard to continue providing a publicly available temporary phone number on our website.

Is there any ways to support you?

Yes, please just share this site to your friends:)

Or, you can support us by XLM donation: GC2OPWZ6EMZIENZOFAAJQUI7LUAA6K5ESJ32UY4GZWXKH6XJW6VF22YD

How often you add new phone numbers?

We are working to add phone numbers constantly on weekly basis.

How does the SMSOnline system work?

SMSOnline automatically posts text messages received by phone numbers managed by the SMSOnline Operating Team and phone numbers provided by paid volunteers on the website.
We use our independently developed Android app to monitor text messages arriving at your phone number and send them to a server we manage. On our servers, we filter harmful messages based on the text of the email and the sender's phone number.
Finally, we serialize the sender against our SMS database and store the message in an SQL database for use on our website. At this time, the sender's phone number is discarded and not stored in the database for privacy reasons.
This series of tasks uses open source APIs such as android.provider.Telephony API. We are also developing natural language processing models to identify and eliminate harmful messages using datasets with anonymized senders.

Is registration required for using SMSOnline? Additionally, is there a risk of virus infection?

No registration is necessary to use SMSOnline. We value privacy more than anyone else in the world.
However, SMSOnline operates under the laws of Hong Kong, where it is based. Please refrain from using our services maliciously, such as by exposing third party privacy.

There is no need to worry about virus infection.
A browser is all you need to use SMSOnline. And our service runs entirely within your browser's sandbox and does not require any special permissions.
Our site is supported by advertising revenue. Internet advertising is often pointed out to be at risk of malvertising, but you can use our services with peace of mind as we entrust the management of our advertising space to reliable partners.

Who operates SMSOnline?

SMSOnline operates with Chan Huang, a graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and three dedicated allies as core members. We primarily run our services for academic purposes, welcoming numerous volunteer members through the internet.

Even though our base is currently in Hong Kong, our activities in SMSOnline are globally expanding.